DEU Asserts Raters Have "Discretion"! (Uh Oh!)

DEU Asserts Raters Have "Discretion"! (Uh Oh!)
by Donald R. Barthel, LLP
The 2005 Permanent Disability Rating Schedule (PDRS) has been in effect since 1/1/05. Yes, it has been nearly 4 years since its inception (where has the time gone?)!

Have you mastered rating for DFEC1, occupation, and age? Are you sure?

How about this little brain teaser?

Per the 2005 PDRS, "[m]ultiple impairments involving the hand or foot are combined using standard AMA Guides protocols."2 The AMA Guides (5th), instruct:

"The total hand impairment rating is determined by adding the hand impairment values contributed by each digit." (p. 440, AMA Guides)