Weight Given To Medical Reports At Trial

by Jorge I. Ibuado (November 23, 2016)

In the world of Workers’ Compensation, medical reporting is the staple upon which cases are lost or won. Other factors may affect the outcome (applicant’s and witnesses’ credibility and ability to testify well), but this article focuses on the medical reporting used in Trial and the factors the court uses to determine how much weight to lend each particular report.

For the purpose of this article, we will deal with three main medical reports including: Primary Treating Physician (PTP) reports, PQME reports, and AME reports.

“Private Eyes, They’re Watching You”: Surveillance in the 21st Century

by Michael P. Burns (November 18, 2016)

Reviewing surveillance film is often a flop, like the summer blockbuster that disappoints with a thin plot and weakly-developed characters. Watching thirty or forty minutes of an applicant ambling around a strip mall parking lot, watering her flowers, or driving around town, surveillance films often fail to live up to our expectations.

However, by ensuring that an investigative firm understands its broad powers, films can be transformed into powerful weapons in litigation.